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bio-bean® is an award-winning green energy company that has industrialised the process of recycling waste coffee grounds (WCG) into advanced biofuels.
bio-bean works within the existing supply chain to collect and aggregate thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds produced by the UK’s offices, transport hubs, coffee shops and coffee factories. At our 20,000 sq ft facility, the world’s first coffee recycling factory, we turn this waste into advanced biofuels: biomass pellets used for heating buildings and biodiesel used for powering transport systems.


Coffee oil, biomass pellets, biomass briquettes and biodiesel

Why we are ecofriendly

bio-bean prevents emissions of 6.8T of CO2-eq for every 1T of WCG recycled into advanced biofuels and used in the place of fossil fuels. By 2020, bio-bean will prevent annual GHG emissions of 6.8mnT CO2-eq.

WCG-derived biodiesel is 100% carbon-neutral and reduces emissions by up to 86% compared to mineral diesel [EPA, 2010], improving air quality in cities and reducing the levels of NOx, PM10 and PM2.5 (which pose significant health risks).

EU legislation demands that advanced biofuels constitute 3% of all fuel supply [EU,2015]. bio-bean provides the UK with a secure supply of locally produced advanced biofuels. By 2020, bio-bean aims to convert 16.7% of EU WCG to advanced biofuels annually, meeting 1.6% of EU biodiesel demand and 4.6% of EU biomass pellet demand.

In order to maintain control over the feedstock and advanced biofuel markets, bio-bean has developed a unique offering to customers, enabling them to implement circular initiatives and realise commercial and environmental benefits. Customers are able to ‘close-the-loop’, fuelling their buildings and transport systems with advanced biofuels produced from their own WCG.


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Capital Raised

A total of $4.7mn has been generated to date from private equity finance, prizes and grants to enable the processing of 50,000T of WCG annually.

Grants Raised

bio-bean have been awarded a number of grants including the Founder.org Class of 2015, the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Competition, the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Award, the Shell Springboard 2014, UCL's Bright Ideas Competition 2013 and the Mayor of London's Low Carbon Prize 2012.


Arthur Kay - co-Founder and CEO
Arthur draws from the worlds of art and science and bio-bean is the result of the subsequent cross-fertilisation of ideas. Arthur speaks regularly and internationally on a range of topics including the circular economy, green energy, the future of urban design, creativity and entrepreneurship. He currently holds positions on a number of boards associated with social enterprise and green entrepreneurship and is a Fellow of the IoD and RSA.

In 2013, Shell named him ‘the UK’s most Innovative Entrepreneur’, he was appointed as a ‘London Leader’ and in 2014 was named a ‘New Radical’ and listed amongst ’25 under 25 most influential Londoners’ by the Evening Standard. In 2015, Arthur was named a Wired Innovation Fellow and the youngest ever Guardian Sustainable Business Leader of the Year.

Jeremy Miller - Director
Jeremy is a former Managing Director at Dresdner Kleinwort Wassertein, he was also a member of the Management Committee of the Investment Banking Division.

Jeremy has advised on many cross-border transactions, including Mannesmann’s acquisition of Orange and E.ON’s acquisition of PowerGen. He was the senior independent director at Countryside Properties, which was sold by Lloyds Banking Group to Oaktree Capital Management in 2013.

Jeremy is the London COO of Centerview Partners, a leading independent investment banking and advisory firm. He holds a degree in Economics and Accountancy from Exeter University and qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG.

George May - CCO
George serves as Chief Commercial Officer at bio-bean. Previously a lawyer, he spent five years at Ashurst LLP, specialising in general corporate and commercial transactions with a particular focus on project financing within the renewable energy sector. At bio-bean, George’s responsibilities include management of the waste coffee feedstock pipeline, biofuel sales pipeline, negotiation of supply and sales agreements and contracts

Eleanor Jeffrey - Head of Sustainability
As Head of Sustainability at bio-bean, Eleanor works to deliver key strategic elements, positioning the company at the heart of green energy and sustainability. She is driven by her interest in the circular economy and heads up bio-bean’s role in the transition to this new economic model.

Eleanor has experience with project management, stakeholder engagement, certification development, feedstock and logistics and securing funding. She holds an MA in Chemistry from the University of Manchester.

Emily Norris - Head of Business Development
Emily started working for bio-bean ​at its inception, when the company was still ​just an idea​ – Emily,​ Arthur and Benjamin were ​in fact ​working out of a basement​. Emily studied Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford and joined bio-bean full-time after graduating. Emily is bio-bean’s Head of Business Development and works with the team to achieve key milestones in bio-bean’s growth.​ In addition, she has headed up a number of bio-bean’s grant and competition wins, with total prize money running into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Daniel Crockett - Head of Communications
Previously, Daniel worked with a small team to grow a portfolio of online financial services businesses to a point of sale to MoneySupermarket in 2010, after which he formed a digital agency. Working as development director, he managed the sale, build and launch of dozens of corporate and charity projects.

With a particular interest in green business, Daniel joined bio-bean to head up all communications, PR and marketing. He holds an MA in professional writing and is widely published.


Shareholders include Sir Simon Robertson (Deputy Chairman of HSBC and former Chairman of Rolls Royce), Sir Ronald Hampel (former CEO of ICI), the Hatvany family, Oliver Rothschild, James Lupton, Christopher Samuel, Jeremy Miller and Thomas Pakenham.


The two Advanced Biofuel products will be sold to the heating and transport markets, in which we have secured sales contracts with Heathrow Airport, Centrica Berkeley Homes, Transport for London, Costa Coffee, Nespresso, Pret A Manger, RBS, UCL and PwC.

Several of our coffee waste producers, such as Pret A Manger and Costa Coffee, are also interested in buying our Advanced Biofuel products for use in their operations. Through doing this, we create a closed-loop system within their operations and implement initiatives that underline the circular economy.


bio-bean has won a number of renewable energy and sustainability awards including those run by UK Trade & Investment, the Dutch Government, UCL, Greater London Authority, Shell, Santander and TATA and has been endorsed by institutions including The World Bank, RBS and LSE. In 2015, Arthur Kay (CEO and co-Founder) was named as the prestigious Guardian Sustainable Business Leader of the Year.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom






Daniel Crockett - Head of Communications (unconfirmed)

Arthur Kay - co-Founder and CEO
Jeremy Miller - Chairman
George May - Chief Commercial Officer
Eleanor Jeffrey - Head of Sustainability
Emily Norris - Head of Business Development
Paul Wickman - Chief Financial Officer
Dr Umair Hussain - Lead Production Engineer
Dr Paul Hellier - Research Lead

Contact Person

Daniel Crockett - daniel@bio-bean.com




Coffee, biofuel, biodiesel, biomass, pellets, briquettes, sustainable, circular economy, zero waste, cradle-to-cradle