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All electric vehicle pay-per-hour car club

Elevator Pitch

E-Car is a competitively priced, wholly electric car club operating through a combination of community, corporate and Local Authority channels. The business model combines the increasingly established car club model (where in 2010 the UK's leading player, Streetcar, was acquired by Zipcar for 32 million GBP) with favourable trends in Electric Vehicle costs to deliver cost competitive, sustainable transport solutions to consumers.

The Company has raised over 800,000 GBP from equity crowdfunding, angel investors and in Feb 2014 closed a 500,000 GBP investment from Ignite, an impact investing fund established by Centrica plc. E-Car is currently expanding it's fleet towards 100+ vehicles and has operational hubs in eight locations - including East London, University of Hertfordshire, Oxford, Milton Keynes and Northamptionshire.


E-Car offers businesses and consumer members use of all electric vehicle on a pay-per-hour basis, starting from £5.00/hour. Members book the required car or van online or by phone, turn up - unplug - drive. On completion of the journey then return the vehicle, plug it in and lock up.

Why we are ecofriendly

E-Car is the first wholly electric car club established in the UK and aims to rapidly grow to become a leading market participant in both the B2B fleet replacement and B2C car-club sectors. By improving on existing ICE cost structures, utilising low-cost channels to market and de-risking growth strategies it is anticipated that the E-Car approach will become a dominant market model in the next 3-5 years.
E-car’s mission and operations directly supports national and local public sector strategic objectives, which focus on economic, social and environmental outcomes for their respective constituents:
1. Improved local economic well-being, through increasing affordable access to vehicles, lifting households out of transport poverty, reducing overall community transport expenditure, enhancing local employment and supporting local business.
2. Extending life-expectancy and improving general levels of health, through contributing directly and indirectly to improved regional air-quality.
3. Accelerating the de-carbonisation of the transport sector, through raising awareness of EVs and directly reducing carbon emissions.

Latest News

In early 2014, E-Car secured £500,000 investment from Centrica-Ignite LLP.

Please see www.e-carclub.org/latest-news/


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Version History

2014-09-11 13:00:10 - changed headquarter to 'London'

2014-09-11 12:59:58 - changed awards to 'City of London - Sustainable City - Finalist'

2014-09-11 12:59:33 - changed investors to 'Crowdcube (2012) Angel Investors (2103) Centrica-Ignite (2014)'

2014-09-11 12:59:04 - changed funding to '£815,000'

2014-09-11 12:58:45 - changed funding to 'Crowdcube £100,000 (2012) Angel Investor £215,000 (2103) Centrica-Ignite £500,000 (2014)'



Crowdcube (2012)
Angel Investors (2103)
Centrica-Ignite (2014)


City of London - Sustainable City - Finalist

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Andrew Wordsworth - Chairman

Chris Morris - Managing Director

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Andrew Wordsworth