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Enabling the energy transition for everyone.

Elevator Pitch

enffi is a mobile app that redefines the way people perceive energy use at home and helps users save money and reduce their environmental footprint. Energy efficiency becomes socially comparable and individualised energy advice can be given. Our platform connects the dots between behaviour and consumption and enables users to understand and reduce their energy use significantly.


enffi is the first and only energy efficiency platform including 100% of energy use at home, including heating. Our proprietary algorithm allows for direct social comparison. The advanced game-engine enables the use of group gamification mechanisms that result in enduring engagement and motivation. The latest research findings are implemented through our collaboration with the University of Kassel.

The energy sector is undergoing drastic changes: Energy utilities realise that they will have to switch from a simple supply approach to a more service based approach. Starting with making energy efficiency advice digital and usable for everyone, enffi will digitise and automate energy service offers. Through the knowledge enffi has about its users we can bring customised solutions in energy matters to a new level.

Why we are ecofriendly

With enffi the user can clearly identify where he can improve his/her behaviour. But the simple identification is not enough: Usually the sustainable motivation of changing behavior is the main problem. Enffi, with its visualisation and gamification features solves this problem and teaches the user new sustainable behaviours.
Energy consumption in private households makes up approximately one-third of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Since enffi, as an app platform without hardware, is highly scalable its impact of saving up to 20% of end energy consumption in households provides a significant opportunity to reduce the effects of climate change and helps to make the low-carbon society a reality.
The low-carbon transition is a process every society is undergoing sooner or later (rather sooner). The possibilities for the individual to take part in this process seem low. In contrary, looking at the private consumption, the potentials are significant. With enffi these potentials can be harnessed: With visualisation, individualised advice and game mechanisms, the motivation for the end user will be tremendous and sustainable.

Latest News

- JAN 2016:
-- Technewable wrote about us: www.technewable.com/intervi...
-- Alpha Test finished (50 Users)

- FEB 2016: Tagesspiegel wrote about us: www.tagesspiegel.de/wirtsch...
-- Beta Conceptualised
-- TOP 10 in the Perpetuum Energieeffizienzpreis

- MAR 2016:
-- Beta Implementation started


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2016-03-15 19:30:29 - changed economic-impact to 'Users can save up to 300€ per year. Enffi will take a share of this sum.'

2016-03-15 19:30:20 - changed environmental-impact to '10 - 20% Savings per household. This means - If the half of Berlin's citizens would use enffi, e.g. Bielefeld...'

2016-03-15 19:28:46 - changed economic-impact to 'Users can save up to 300€ per year. Enffi will take of this sum.'

2016-03-15 19:25:09 - changed economic-impact to ''

2016-03-15 19:24:34 - changed tagline to 'Enabling the energy transition for everyone.'




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Enviromental Impact

10 - 20% Savings per household. This means - If the half of Berlin's citizens would use enffi, e.g. Bielefeld wouldn't energetically exist.

Economic Impact

Users can save up to 300€ per year. Enffi will take a share of this sum.


- Top 3 Energy App of the year 2016
- Top 10 Greentech Awards
- Top 10 Perpetuum Energieeffizienzpreis

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Max Bohm - co founder

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Finowstr. 14
10247 Berlin