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Volocopter - the world’s first green helicopter

Elevator Pitch

e-volo’s Volocopter is a revolution in aviation Made in Germany. Safer, simpler, and cleaner than normal helicopters, it has a unique way of moving – a groundbreaking innovation. The Volocopter is an environmentally friendly and emission-free private helicopter. Instead of one combustion engine, eighteen electrically driven rotors propel it.

The maiden flight and first test flights were conducted in Karlsruhe with the prototype of the 2-person VC200 on Sunday, November 17, 2013. Based on this model, it will be prepared for series production in the coming years.

e-volo is working together with a research and industry syndicate to build the VC200, the first Volocopter in the world to carry two people.

The Volocopter is an absolutely novel aircraft which cannot be assigned to any existing aviation category.

The greatest challenge after technical realisation is to be able to place such an aircraft on the market. As the Volocopter is the first of its kind, an official basis needs to be created in the first step to allow for air traffic participation.

The innovative concept of an electrical vertical take-off aircraft convinced the supreme authority for aviation in Germany, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) to such an extent that it has commissioned end of 2012 a three year trial programme for the creation of a new category in aviation.

In this moment, the VC200 will be granted a provisional airworthiness certificate after having undergone extensive endurance testing of the passenger cabin, the landing
framework and the rotor array by mid 2014 in order to be able to begin immediately after with manned test flights for the trial programme.

At the end of the trial programme, a prototype certification of the VC200 in
line with the newly created category of ultralight rotor aircraft named
Volocopter will enable the future serial production.

Consequently, in Germany people with a private pilot licence will be able to fly
e-volo’s Volocopter in the near future.

After initial discussions with other european authorities, e-volo is convinced that they will enter the market of general aviation in many another european countries untill 2020.

Background: Regarding ultralight aircraft

In Europe, ultralight aircraft are defined as very lightweight motor-powered aircraft carrying up to two people. Internationally, there are several ultralight aircraft categories with country-specific certification regulations.

In order to fly ultralight aircraft in Germany, a private pilot license is required. This licence varies depending on the different categories. According to national law, the various different categories of aerial sports equipment are put under the umbrella definition of ultralight aircraft. The maximum takeoff mass of ultralight two-seater aircraft may not exceed 450 kg in Europe.


The VC200 is a two-seater volocopter with the following aircraft performance:

- a cruising speed of at least 54 kn (100 km/h)
- a flight altitude of up to 6500 ft
- a maximum take-off weight of 450 kg

e-volo will go to market with two versions:

1: Energy source = batteries - for about 30 minutes flight endurance.
2: Energy source = serial hybrid (wankel motor with generator) - for much longer flight endurance.

The first prototype is exhaust-free and with batterie.

Why we are ecofriendly

In this moment e-volo is the only company worldwide who provides manned VTOL (vertical take off and landing) flights without exhaust gases - and this without the usual noise of a conventional helicopter.

Our partner "Wankel Supertec" develops the serial hybrid drive. At the moment they lead a research project to run the combustion engine of the serial hybrid on hydrogen.

e-volo is able to provide the aircraft also with a fuel cell or some other pollution-free power source which will be developed in the near future.

Latest News

e-volo reaches European crowdfunding record.

With the completion of its highly successful financing round raising 1,200,000 euros, e-volo has now established a financial basis to market the VC200.

To do so, e-volo took the innovative path of crowdfunding on the online marketplace www.seedmatch.de.

Managing director Alexander Zosel: “Through this new financing possibility, 750 investors contributed between 250 and 10,000 euros. We would like to thank all investors for your trust and financial commitments!”

In the first step, 500,000 euros were raised through investors on the Internet at a European record time of only 2 hours and 35 minutes. The final result, a total of 1,200,000 euros in just 3 days, 9 hours, and 52 minutes, is an overwhelming success for e-volo. Never before has so much money been raised through crowdfunding in so little time in Germany.

“The raised money will now serve to optimize the 1st prototype of the VC200 and, as part of the testing scheme, conclude a comprehensive test flight program for this new aviation category. After that, we will build a weight-optimized prototype of the VC200 near series production conditions and finalize type-certification and mold construction for series production.


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About 60 academic staff and aircraft engineers are working in the partner network on the development of the volocopter.


750 Crowdfunding Investors.

We are seeking venture capital in 2015/2016


First step: Flight Schools and Sport pilots.

We expect a lot of new customers in the market "General Aviation" because we provide the only aircraft in the world which is absolutly easy to fly and provides an affordable and easily-attainable Sport Pilot License.

Second Step: Commercial pilots.
Grid and pipeline maintenace, pollution-free taxi-flights in land-use and urban space, air-rescue.


Germany: e-volo is the winner of the „Hightech Pioneer“ CyberChampions Award 2013/14

USA: e-volo is the winner of the 2012 Charles Lindbergh Prize for Innovation.

Erik Lindbergh, grandson of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, announced the 2012 winner of the Lindbergh Prize. The Lindbergh Foundation’s aviation prizes are designed to recognize and stimulate innovation, and promote meaningful advancements in green aviation.

“We believe that the development of the Volocopter holds significant promise to radically change short distance transportation,” said Erik Lindbergh. “It has a long development path ahead, but if this innovative design reaches the commercial market it will dramatically change the way we move about the planet.”

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Alex Zosel - CEO

Stephan Wolf - CEO
Thomas Senkel - CTO
Thomas Ruf - CIR (Investor Relations)
Dr. Kessler - CRA (Research Aerodynamics)
Prof. Jäger - CRN (Research Navigation)
Prof. Walter - CRE (Research Electronics)
Prof. Sigmund - CRD (Research Serial Hybrid Drive)

Contact Person

Alexander Zosel


e-volo GmbH
Siemens Industriepark Karlsruhe
Östliche Rheinbrückenstr. 50
76187 Karlsruhe/Germany


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