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Encourage a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle

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Simply put, we believe that the most important asset of your company is your employees. They are the one who keeps your company up and running. And if your employees are unhappy, unhealthy, or uncommitted with your company, it hurts business.

You also know that, and that’s why your company has been promoting fitness and wellness programs among your employees. Like gym memberships, building your own gyms, and stress management programs. Actually, a lot of money is spent on workforce wellness programs. For example, in the U.S., 6 billion dollar are spent every year in these kind of programs. But what happens is that only between 5-10% of the employees participates in these kind of programs. 5-10%, that’s just too low. And the reasons of that is because those programs are time consuming and the people don’t want to add more tasks to their day and they use an individual approach, so they end up being not engaging at all.

Then we did a research on the top 50 “great place to work” companies and we saw a common factor. All of them affirm that sustainability is one of the key factors to keep employees engaged and motivated.

So, what if we could make it easy to keep employees healthy, engaged, and happy through sustainability?

That's giveO2.


GiveO2 is a a mobile app that is designed to track how sustainable your transportation is by monitoring your movements. The app provides different stats related to those trips, like distance and time, but the most important is the CO2 emissions, and also different equivalences so you can better understand what does the emissions you generate mean.

For companies, they can create a group inside the application. After that, they just have to ask their employees to download giveO2 and join their group. From that moment, they will start gathering aggregated and anonymous data from their employees directly in our platform. Then, the platform will show you different insights on what’s going on in the company and provide you with tools to encourage different actions among the employees. For example they can create a company goal, weekly and monthly challenges, and individual or department competitions. And at the end, reward sustainable behavior.

We are working on integrating with other fitness tracking apps and wearable devices in order to expand our scope and tracking data.

Our approach is mobile, automatic, so we don't want to add more tasks to the user's day, and based in game mechanics.

Why we are ecofriendly

We encourage behavioral change towards a more sustainable commuting and healthier lifestyle, reducing the environmental impact of people's habits.

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- Mobile Premier Awards 2013
- Chilean Representative in Bayer Young Environmental Envoy 2013
- Part of Kairo's 50 2013 - The Kairos Society

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Cristian Schalper - Co-Founder

Joaquin Dufeu - Co-Founder
Christel Kemp - Creative Director

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Cristian Schalper


Amsterdam, Netherlands