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greenergetic GmbH

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Greenergetic: enabling the decentralized energy transition


Elevator Pitch

Greenergetic offers photovoltaic systems, energy storage, heat pumps, gas condensing boilers and smart home services via online portals to homeowners and business customers. In doing so, Greenergetic cooperates with public utilities as well as with regional energy suppliers who integrate Greenergetic's unique planning and order portal within their web appearance and corporate design.

The innovation lies in the complete and fully integrated back-end of the portal, streamlining all processes including revision, procurement, installation, financing, and claims Management combined with intelligent sales channels. In line with developing customized solutions all around energy efficiency, Greenergetic is currently expanding its solution portfolio for energy suppliers in order to ensure long-term success.


Greenergetic ensures growth through innovative concepts and by continuously optimizing and complementing its online portal. As a consequent development we are currently extending our flagship product to a comprehensive energy service portal together with three development partners. Solar storage, full-range offers of pv systems, upselling possibilities to higher-grade products and service offers for the core business are paramount.

Nevertheless, self-generated electricity though photovoltaic systems is definitely the nucleus for the extension of private consumption through storage and heat pumps and thus increasing self-sufficiency and decentralization. The marketing of efficient gas condensing boilers, charging stations and smart home services round off our product portfolio. But the entire energy management in private households can only develope its full potential with photovoltaic.

Greenergetic is making it possible for home owners and business customers to purchase small ready-to-use solar installations directly at their utility supplier. Customers of the utility companies are enabled to plan their own photovoltaic installation in 30 minutes making it possible for them to calculate their savings while profiting from the care-free all-in-one-service-package.

Licensees of the Greenergetic online portal (as of now there are over 80) are able to offer reasonable photovoltaic installations instantly without hiring more personnel. Greenergetic's white-label product provides all services which contain the entire back-office as well as support with professional marketing communication. Licensees don’t have to organise buying, technology, logistics, finance or client services, they receive the portal in their own corporate design as well as free consulting and advertising concepts for online and offline media.

All in all Greenergetic support its customers along the whole service-process chain:

1. Implementation of the portal, templates and processes
2. Marketing and sales support - lead generation: attracting prospects via the portal
3. Personal consulting and sales - lead management: prospect and purchase process management
4. Project implementation, order management, controlling and commissioning
5. Purchasing and logistics
6. After-sales service, handling of complaints
7. Maintainance, service, operation of the installation including insurance (optional)

The close connection with the utilities' project managers on eye level, the partnership, commitment and transparency of our services, support from marketing and sales as well as trainings from employees and partners on site ensure us and our licensees economic succes in a difficult and competitive market environment.

Why we are ecofriendly

The dezentralized generation of renewable energy is one of the main pillars of the energy transition. Further, the modernization of heat generation in private households is a further significant challenge for the reduction of primary energy consumption and CO2 avoidance.

The energy transition taking place in Germany right now is going through a stage where the feed-in tariff is lower than the price per kWh offered by the utility. The market is shifting from a ‘feed-in market’ towards an ‘auto-consumption market’, thus becoming a mass market. With our service we accelerate this process/development, empowering homeowners to implement their own energy transition.

Latest News

Exhibitor on trade fair E-World energy & water 2017 in Essen (Germany). (Please see press release: www.greenergetic.de/data/pr...)


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greenergetic GmbH is ECO17 Award Nominee.





We are an increasingly growing with >50 employees.


Howaldt Energies GmbH & Co. KG (www.howaldt-energies.de/hom...), Gründerfonds Bielefeld-Ostwestfalen (www.gruenderfonds-bow.de/), eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG (ecapital.de/de/)
RWE Vertrieb AG( rwe.de)


Enviromental Impact

Enabling hundreds of households which are self-sufficient in a decentralized way, saving million tons of CO2 and relieving transmission grids.

From 01.11.2013 until 07.03.2016 we have installed 679 photovoltaic systems with an installed power of 3.257,232 kWp – saving up to 1.668 tons of CO² emissions!

The avoided CO2 emissions are calculated from the produced amount of electricity multiplied with the value of the specific carbon dioxide emissions (German power mix). This value is issued in regular intervals by the Federal Environmental Agency. Currently the value is 0,569 kg/kWh (status 09/2015).

3.257,232 kWp x 900 kWh/kWp = 2.931.508,800 kWh

2.931.508,800 kWh x 0,569 Kg/kWh = 1.668.028,507 Kg

Social Impact

Citizens are rethinking and want to be part of the energy transition. The transformation from being a passive consumer to becoming an energy-efficient prosumer including a change in behaviour, generational responsibility etc. is already underway.

Greenergetic enables citizens to actively create a sustainable and eco-friendly home. With our online monitoring and energy-saving expertise, Greenergetic changes the perception of energy consumption in each household - and our impact is immense, as we have access to more than 10M customers through our utility clients who we serve with our sophisticated white-label solution.


December 2015: According to Gründerszene and Ernst&Young one of the fastest growing start-ups. Placed 4th in Gründerszene's growth ranking and thereby highest ranking in the area of green Technology.

November 2015: Winner of the pv magazine award for "Top Business Model".

Country of Origin



March 2012




Contact Person

Ramona Rösch
Mail: ramona.roesch@greenergetic.de
Tel.: +49 521 4306 9856


Greenergetic GmbH
Meisenstr. 90
33607 Bielefeld


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