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Let's Connect Millions of Energy People.

Elevator Pitch

In the past, there was a strict separation between power production and power consumption. Now the boundaries are blurring: private and industrial consumers are becoming producers as well. People are becoming energy people using intelligent adaptive solutions to optimize their energy systems. Millions of connected energy people will shape a distributed energy market. In such a market, energy from sustainable resources need to be perfectly balanced, consumption during oversupply or raise availability at peak demand.

What We Do: Building Europe’s Leading Energy IoT Platform

At the forefront of the energy market since 2011, Kiwigrid develops and operates Europe’s leading Energy IoT Platform. Our portfolio features intelligent, adaptive solutions for connecting homes, businesses and utilities, allowing users to optimize their energy systems so that energy from sustainable resources is available exactly at the time and the place where it is needed.


Home Energy Management System (HEMS):
Central hub for monitoring all devices with automatic control to increase self-consumption

Industrial Energy Management System (IEMS):
Holistic toolset for the advanced supervision of energy savings, earnings and cost reduction

Intelligent Metering System (IMS):
BSI-certified gateway between regulated metering services, compatible with SMGW admininstration systems from all vendors

Virtual Power Plants (VPP):
SaaS solution offering field connectivity and distributed energy assets with advanced tools, short time to market and low total cost of ownership

Energy Cloud System:
Cloud software for storing, processing, and providing energy-related data with bidirectional communication service

Why we are ecofriendly

The start towards a more sustainable, CO2-neutral energy generation is done and in 2014 Germany produced around 25 % of all electrical energy from renewable sources. In order to achieve the next steps towards 100 % clean energy, we need a dramatic change in the way how energy and the grid are managed. Kiwigrid's solutions provide essential communication supporting effective energy management between devices and raising efficiency – enabling a cleaner future.

Latest News

Kiwigrid auf der E-world 2016:
Auch Sharp setzt auf Europas führende Energy-IoT-Plattform

> Zur E-world energy & water 2016 präsentiert die Kiwigrid GmbH dem internationalen Fachpublikum Europas führende Energy-IoT-Plattform
> Sharp mit neuer Energiemanagementlösung „SmartChap“ zur Optimierung des Eigenverbrauchs mit Solarstrom und zur effizienten Steuerung von elektrischen Verbrauchern im Haus; Herzstück der Lösung bildet auch hier die Energy-IoT-Plattform von Kiwigrid
> Partnerschaft mit Kiwigrid senkt Investitionskosten eines Unternehmens signifikant dank Kiwigrid SaaS-Modell

>> www.kiwigrid.com/de/company...

2015 Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch List:
Kiwigrid als aufstrebendes Unternehmen im Bereich Clean Technology gelistet

> Aufnahme in die Liste der 2015 Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch
> Gelistet werden aufstrebende Unternehmen, auf die man im Markt zukünftig noch verstärkter einen Blick werfen sollte
> Expertengremium, das über die Nennungen entscheidet, setzt sich aus führenden Finanzinvestoren und Vertretern multinationaler Unternehmen und Industriellen aus den Bereichen Technologie und Innovation-Scouting zusammen, die in Asien, Europa und Nordamerika tätig sind.

>> www.kiwigrid.com/de/company...


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OEM, Electronics, Utilities, Automotive, Real Estate and Installers

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Dr. Carsten Bether - CEO