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Utility-in-a-box software for distributed energy


Elevator Pitch

Electricity generation from distributed energy sources is a worldwide trend. For example already 26% of al all electricity in Germany in 2014 was coming from renewable energy sources. In the old energy market there was one power plant and one utility that delivered to its customers.
In the new market there are millions of power plants. Also, Instead of a single utility we now have many new players entering the market. Such new players can be energy cooperatives or project developers. Even more the consumer is not a simple consumer anymore. Instead more and more people are producing energy as well. They become so called prosumers.
In the new world, we now need to organize the interaction between many players and technologies.
That is what we do. We connect producers and consumers of electricity on our digital market place. We can buy, sell, and bill electricity from millions of producers. We provide full visibility on the origin of the electricity and how it is being produced. We control the power plants so that demand and supply match at every time.
We built the only utility-in-a-box solution for distributed energy today which is based on our SaaS - platform that allows to manage different electricity products for many utilities & new players.
Our customers the utilities and new Players can create dedicated electricity products for their customers. Such products can be focussed on regional origin of the electricity, enable the sharing of electricity within a community and the intelligent energy management for prosumers.
We have signed contracts with 11 B2B customers, serve thousands end customers on our platforms


Whilst our original idea was to bring together local producers and consumers of electricity, we have since expanded our focus significantly. We now enable all sets of community and peer-to-peer approaches in the energy market. Our unique platform makes possible to connect and intelligently control all participants in the new energy market: to buy electricity from very small production plants, to sell electricity to end users, to manage balancing groups and to present production data in real time to the market participants. To summarize, we present a utility-in-a-box-solution for peer-to-peer energy markets. Following a modular approach, Lumenaza offers all services that a traditional utility could offer, but digitally, locally, focused on distributed energy sources and more sustainably

Why we are ecofriendly

By connecting millions of distributed energy generators, including storage systems into the market and profiting consequently from a larger flexibility, our platform helps to manage the natural fluctuation of renewable energy sources. Nowadays, we are able to include batteries or charging stations for electric cars on our platform, making it possible to store the produced electricity and consume it at a later point. This solves one of the most critical issues of the energy transition.
Moreover, our platform does not only address the technical issues of the energy transition, but also addresses the social component of sustainability. The Lumenaza solution connects people - the ones owning the renewable power plants, the ones storing the electricity and the ones consuming it. With the new community approaches, Lumenaza ensures that the value creation stays within the community and thus strengthens local structures leading also a social sustainability.
By integrating more energy from renewable sources into the grid, Lumenaza directly helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions such CO2 compared to alternative ways of energy production coming from fossil fuels.
Every kWh saves about 0,5 kg CO2 with respect to the normal electricty mix. In addition to this climate change mitigation contribution we help minimizing the need for new transmission grid lines.

Latest News

12/2016 Started project for solar enterprise communities with Vattenfall (Sonnenpartnerschaft)
03/2017 Started regional electricity project with EMH
03/2017 Started regional electricity project with RegioNah
04/2017 Started project with BTB


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2017-04-24 14:11:21 - changed productpitch to 'Whilst our original idea was to bring together local producers and consumers of electricity, we have since expanded...'






Capital Raised

200.000 € from KfW bank
7 digit number for EnBW new ventures and IBB

Grants Raised

70.000 Climate KIC
9.000 IKT innovative
50.000 € EU SME program




EnBW New Ventures


8 utilities and 3 Cobranding partners.
Battery supplier


ICT innovative
Climate KIC Accelerator member
Ecosummit Gold Award 2016

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Mentors that could help selling into utilities or have excellent contacts to new players the energy market e.g. heating systems, e-mobility

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Christian Chudoba - CEO

Bernhard Böhmer - CTO
Oliver March - CFO/CMO

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Christian Chudoba