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Smart micro grids for rural electrification

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Meshpower develops and operates smart, scalable micro-grids for rural communities. Backed by angel investment, Shell’s SpringBoard award and the EU’s climate-KIC partnership, our goal is to solve the energy access problem in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our flagship MeshGrid is a solar-powered micro-grid that provides rural households and businesses with a reliable, affordable and individually-metered electricity supply. The micro-grid infrastructure aggregates power generation and storage. This enables us to provide cost-competitive and highly reliable energy access to consumers with little alternatives to hazardous kerosene lanterns or diesel micro-grids. The distribution system is coupled with real-time accounting, monitoring and control services to ensure minimum operational overheads for owners and operators. We currently have 11 active MeshGrids deployed in India and Rwanda and are on track to reach a 1000 connections by Q4 2014.


The MeshGrid provides affordable solar energy to multiple (20 currently, 60 planned) rural households and businesses. Power from solar generation is backed up using storage batteries and distributed to consumers via distribution lines for use with appliances such as high-efficiency tube lights and USB mobile phone chargers (provided). The built-in smart software enables automated monitoring, operations, metering and accounting for flexible business and pricing models. The entire system is configured in Direct Current (DC) with consumer safety and efficiency in mind.

MeshPower currently operates 11 of its prototype MeshGrids in India and Rwanda together with local partners, with a business model of providing electricity as a service on a pay-as-you-go basis. This lowers entry barriers for consumers and allows us to target base-of-pyramid consumers and scale quickly. Different appliances (such as tube lights and USB chargers) are provided for each consumer based on their unique requirements. For example, business customers are able to rent additional tube lights to extend their night operations.

Why we are ecofriendly

First, the micro-grid infrastructure aggregates solar generation and storage assets to exploit economies of scale and improve energy efficiency. This increased efficiency is not only more eco-friendly stand small standalone solar home systems or solar lanterns, but also more cost effective.

The use of high-quality tube lights and USB mobile phone chargers at affordable prices also ensure that harmful kerosene lamps and diesel generators are replaced and carbon emissions are reduced progressively. As mentioned, providing energy as a service lowers barriers of entry for base-of-pyramid consumers, making this eco-friendly appliance replacement a widespread movement for rural communities worldwide.

Next, the smart software within each MeshGrid provides hardware status monitoring through compressed data via mobile internet, to aid long-term operations and maintenance. Such an approach lowers long-term cost and ensures that each MeshGrid is utilised fully to their intended end-of-life (compared to many neglected rural electrification systems).

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Shell Springboard Regional Winner 2014

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micro grid, renewable energy, rural electrification, smart grid