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Solar Power for Apartment Buildings


Elevator Pitch

prosumergy makes solar power available for tenants in apartment buildings. We do that by creating a win-win for our two customer groups – tenants and landlords. With prosumergy, landlords can cash in on their unused rooftops by equipping their apartment buildings with solar panels and selling the generated electricity directly on-site to tenants without the need to bother with any technical or regulatory issues. Tenants on the other hand get access to locally produced solar power and even save money on their utility bills because ours is cheaper than power from the public grid.

To achieve this win-win we act both as a project developer and electricity provider. That means we plan a PV system optimized for a specific building, sell that system to the landlord, and operate the system for the landlord so that we’re in charge of all technical and regulatory issues.

As a result, landlords increase the value of their buildings and make more money with their PV systems that they normally would if they fed 100% of the generated electricity into the public grid.


With prosumergy, basically any landlord who owns a building with 6 or more apartments can get a PV system whose energy is supplied to the buildings' residents. We guarantee that the electricity we sell to residents is cheaper than the standard tariff of their local energy provider.

Landlords can invest in a PV system on their building's rooftop and benefit from an attractive return on investment while prosumergy makes sure that all technical and regulatory processes and duties are met. In other words, our peace-of-mind services as a micro utility within each building include:

- planning and installation of a PV system optimized for a specific building
- operation and maintenance of the PV system
- selling elictricity (both solar power and line current) to residents
- metering and billing
- compliance with all regulatory obligations (especially EEG and EnWG regulations)

Why we are ecofriendly

- We increase the share of solar power
- We generate power where it's needed and therefore reduce grid losses and the need for grid expansion
- Our solar panels don't occupy open space but use already used rooftop area
- We create awareness for energy, its origin and environmental impacts among landlords and tenants

Latest News

- prosumergy has been successfully accepted into Stage 2 of the Climate-KIC accelerator
- prosumergy is about to get its first project up and running in April/May 2016


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€80k +




Unikat Ideenwettbewerb
Climate-KIC Greenhouse
cdw Energiewende Wettbewerb
Climate-KIC Accelerator Phase I+II
Ideenwettbewerb Klimaschutz, Energiereferat FFM
Promotion Nordhessen 2016 Sonderpreis Dezentrale Energien + Platz 4 Business Plan

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August 2015



Christopher Neumann - co-founder (unconfirmed)

Lena Cielejewski - co-founder
Daniel Netter - co-founder

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Christopher Neumann




Solar, Solarstrom, Mieterstrom