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develops an affordable, safe and reliable SDV - Short Distance Vehicle

Elevator Pitch

The StreetScooter project is designed around the Disruptive Network Approach, through which price-efficient electrically-powered vehicles are being developed in a network of different companies, all of them subject matter experts who bring their expertise and manufacturing capabilities to the project.
StreetScooter GmbH has built up a broad partner and supplier network only two years after its foundation, coordinated and synchronised the entire network with only a few employees, developed two derivatives - the StreetScooter ‘Compact’ and the StreetScooter ‘Work’- and presented them as functional prototypes at the IAA in Frankfurt and Hanover, and is now shortly before industrialisation with both products.


Regarded as an innovation in the automotive market, SDV is the first electrically-powered vehicle that is simultaneously economic and ecologic thanks to a systematic reduction to what is essential.
The focus of the development project is a consequent reduction of production cost. We speak of a redesign of the value-added chain and thus a significant reduction in expenses via the entire supply chain. In the past two years, StreetScooter GmbH and its partners were able to prove that the entire development expense can be reduced by up to 90%, without a loss of quality or costs.
Which are the main characteristics of our EVs? The StreetScooter vehicles are defined both inside and out by elegant simplicity and individual adaptability without looking overloaded. The SDV StreetScooter is safe, flexible, ecologic, economic and customized. The StreetScooter appeals to customers who want to be technological pioneers, looking for ecologically sustainable mobility, buy cost conscious while looking for lasting value, understanding vehicles as an expression of personality and design them accordingly.
With the SDV, we create a complement, an additional alternative. A car that is available exactly for the range that is actually needed and is aimed to bring e-mobility faster onto the road. The StreetScooter derivatives are breaking into an efficiency gap (between motorcycle and small combustion engine vehicles) that lies between two wheels and existing cars, and serves inner-city mobility needs of up to 120 km per day and 15,000 km per year with an ideal price/performance ratio. StreetScooter is focused on commercial and private users in urban centers who primarily drive short distances.

Why we are ecofriendly

Throughout StreetScooter project we aimed to prove that sustainability and economy are not a contradiction and can be reconciled with each other...and we succeeded in doing so.
The focus on short stretches made it possible to build an EV from the ground up without delving into expensive technology. The construction systematically follows the principles of the economical lightweight construction. The result is a simplified electrical car that leaves out a lot in order to make room for innovation.
The entirely newly conceived vehicle puts the focus on the integrated product and process design in order to give many user groups the ability to afford electric mobility for the first time and bring this way e-mobility quickly onto the road.


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 Car Lease

, Aumann
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Various partners of the StreetScooter consortium including Athlon
 Car Lease

, Aumann
, Dräxlmaier
, Kirchhoff
, o.m.t

, Rehau, Wittenstein and StreetScooter 


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Marine Dubrulle, Communication & Marketing


Hüttenstr. 1-9, 52068 Aachen - Germany


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