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Smart Energy Management for Renewables

Elevator Pitch

twingz smart energy is like NEST but suitable for European markets and with special focus on renewables. twingz provides smart energy management for renwables for consumers homes and small and medium enterprises. products are Coach and Butler. Coach delivers monitoring and hints, Butler is executing those hints powered by self learning algorithms. Both electrical and thermal systems are covered and can even be coupled to allow storing electrical converted to thermal energy.


Coach: monitoring with added value of onging coaching. Helps you up to 25% of electrical energy and even more thermal energy.
Butler: self automating butler who looks after optimizing your energy household continuously. Let the hints and suggestions provided by Coach be executed by Butler automatically.
All components are suitable for retrofit and are integrated with local radio airnetwork in order to minimize hassle at installation.

Why we are ecofriendly

Product: We optimise energy usage of connected photovoltaic & solar thermal
plant, your heating system & other power consuming devices. We make that in an automated way that keeps away cumbersome day to day steps that freaks are performing. We make it fun to spread your savings and better carbon footprint and even let you compete with friends.

Hardware Parters: TeleHaase is certified and has received several awards for producing electronical components in a most sustainable manner

Marketing: Our marketing partner agency lautstark - lautstark.com/en/ is producing cradle2cradle

Latest News

We have launched eCoach V1.0 at resellers recently and have won a huge German channel reseller for entering the German market and going international.


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2014-05-20 12:19:17 - changed funding to 'Business angels, fixed investment of hardware partner, bootstrapping'

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6,5 FTE, 12 operational heads


Business angels, fixed investment of hardware partner,



YesWeDo365 2013
seedcamp 2012
StartEurope 2011

Request for Mentors

We want to find highly skilled Partners for German market and beyond who want to deliver: energy optimization for consumers and check business and deployment models with us!

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Werner Weihs-Sedivy - CEO

Martin Egger - CMO
Dietmar Millinger - CTO
Christian H. Leeb - CVO
Hannes Höhmüller - CFO
Milan Vasic, Vaibhav Puri, Cristian Ivan, Slobodan Djukic - Senior Developers
Cosmin Ciobanu - Design

Contact Person

Werner Weihs-Sedivy
Martin Egger




renewable energy, optimization of own local consumption, local consumption, photo voltaic, solar thermal, Energiewende