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Charge mobile electricity everywhere.

Elevator Pitch

ubitricity's patent protected technology enables a new class of utility services for the Internet of Energy: Electricity supply contracts for individual devices. Today, utilities meter, tariff and bill electricity only on household level. That's what telcos did 20 years ago, too. Today, telcos bill and tariff per mobile device. Our technology allows that for electricity, we call in Mobile Electricity.

With our technology you can buy a dry-cleaner including a dedicated smart electricity tariff. How? We put a smart meter into the consuming device. Today, we can meter and bill electric vehicles with a meter in the charging cable. If you can meter a cable you can meter everything that has a cable. There are opportunities for 100s of millions of other devices: new heaters, coolers, heat pumps, etc. can all be sold as a bundled with an electricity supply contract -- if they have ubitricity's mobile meter inside and are connected to our virtual network.

That way we deliver the missing link for the commercialization of the Internet of Energy Things. Mobile electricity contracts establish a monetization layer to reward smart behavior of electric devices because we put the meter into the device.

We are the world's first Mobile Virtual Network Operator for Electricity relying on our unique and patented Mobile Metering Technology. The system has been approved by German grid operators (transmission and distribution) and regulator. That brought us the Global Cleantech 100 Award (European Top 10) in October 2014.

We have started with EVs: Plug your EV into a Berlin Streetlight and charge your it with solar electricity from your rooftop at home. It's up and running. We continue connecting utilities to our mobile virtual network. That was just the beginning.


ubitricity offers a new and unique B-2-B-2-C hardware bundled service solution for utilities. We act as MVNO for smart electric prosumers that are equipped a ubitricity mobile meters. Our customers are utilities that we enable to deliver mobile electricity services. Utilities pay for the service per meter, per transaction and per month.

Mobile phones come bundled with a service. That’s just the way it works with mobile electricity as well. Our first customers drive electric company cars and have a smart cable. The company is paying for the electricity metered by the smart cable (yes, it has a smart meter inside). That way you can charge an EV at your private home and the cost is on the bill of the company. (Think of using your company phone at home.)

Mobile electronics inside the cable identify the location and secure online authorization via encrypted mobile communication with a control center. Once the usage has been authenticated and authorized the power is switched on. User and transaction data is passed to the control center via encrypted mobile communication. The control center prepares billing and reimbursement according to the transaction partners involved.

Transaction data is configured according to the roles and processes of the energy market and respective information is forwarded to energy suppliers, grid operators, etc. EV users receive transparent invoicing that covers the energy charged at home, at work or in any place on the go from their individual supplier. Infrastructure partners offering charging spots receive a detailed overview of the energy charged at their system sockets.

Why we are ecofriendly

Transaction based metering and billing enables tariffs based on time and grid load and thus the balancing of the grid by demand management. Tariffs based on time and grid load support smart grid integration of EVs and renewable energies, finally realizing their mutual partnership for a sustainable and balanced grid.

Latest News

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If you want to stay in touch with ubitricity, we keep you posted on all our events at: ubitricity.com/en/press/eve...


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Smart money is always welcome.

Capital Raised

app. 10M€

Grants Raised


app. 27 FTEs


EDF Deutschland, IBB, Heinz Dürr Invest, Earlybird.


Germany: utilities
Non-German market: Telco operator


Global Cleantech 100 – 2014
Handelsblatt Energy Awards – 2014

Country of Origin



2008, A-Round 2010



Frank Pawlitschek - Co-Founder, CEO
Knut Hechtfischer - Founder