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ECO15 London Award Nominees

We are happy to present the ECO15 London Award Nominees that will be judged by our smart green jury from 21-28 September 2015. Application deadline is 20 September 2015. The 3 winners will be presented at ECO15 London on Tuesday, 6 October 2015, during our award ceremony in the evening.

Early and Late Stage Startups

  • BELECTRIC OPV GmbH  BELECTRIC OPV - the Game Changer in Harvesting Energy Everywhere   
  • bio bean  Powered by coffee   
  • Breeze  Make sense of your environment.   
  • Carbon Analytics   Fundraising  Every business can be a green business.   
  • Caventou   Fundraising  Solar Design // Integrating solar cells naturally into daily life   
  • Cityntel   Fundraising  Saving up to 80% of electricity used by street lights.   
  • DBike  Your express delivery platform, to ship items by bike in under 1 hour   
  • E Leather   Fundraising  E- Leather - the Eco-friendly material developer   
  • EcoChain   Fundraising  Higher growth and a better planet   
  • eeMobility   Fundraising  Smart flat-rate EV charging at home and everywhere   
  • ETHERA   Fundraising  Indoor Air Quality solutions Pollutant specific instruments   
  • Exergyn  Monetizing waste heat   
  • Fourdeg  Fourdeg makes building indoor temperature better with less energy.   
  • Green City Solutions   Fundraising  Green City Solutions makes clean urban air profitable!   
  • Grundgruen  Marketing renewable energy efficiently from producers to consumers   
  • iGlass Technology   Fundraising  In harmony with the sun   
  • JPMSilicon   Fundraising   Cost-effective Solar Silicon for Next Generation Solar Cells   
  • Leko Homes   Fundraising  Leko is revolutionizing the housing experience.   
  • LibertineFPE   Fundraising  Linear power systems   
  • lumenaza   Fundraising  Utility-in-a-box software for distributed energy   
  • Masar   Fundraising  The ☀ continent needs to be powered by the ☀   
  • Mindconnect   Fundraising  Guiding vehicles intelligently   
  • Newco2fuels   Fundraising  Turning CO2 from Liability into Opportunity   
  • Open Utility   Fundraising  We are democratising energy   
  • Pavegen  Flooring tiles that generate electricity from your footsteps   
  • PiggyBaggy   Fundraising  Sustainable crowdsourced delivery service for daily use with neighbors   
  • Powervault   Fundraising  The UK’s first simple and affordable home energy storage system   
  • Seatower   Fundraising  Low-cost foundations for 6MW+ offshore wind turbines – the new segment   
  • Sefaira   Fundraising  Sustainability. Performance. Design.   
  • Skeleton   Fundraising  Leading developer and manufacturer of high energy ultracapacitors.   
  • Solarkiosk   Fundraising  Enables & empowers BoP communities worldwide.   
  • Sympower   Fundraising  Demand response with household appliances.   
  • Tempus Energy   Fundraising  The future's low carbon   
  • Tevva Motors   Fundraising  Electric Range Extended trucks Zero emissions where it matters   
  • UbikSolutions   Fundraising  Efficient and smart energy conversion   
  • UpsideEnergy   Fundraising  We pay people to NOT use energy   
  • Watly   Fundraising  Solar HUB that purifies water and generates electricity off the grid.   

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