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Ecosummit Award 2017 Nominees

We are happy to present the Ecosummit Award 2017 Nominees that will be judged online by our smart green jury during the online voting from 25 April until 2 May 2017. Application deadline of ECO17 Award is Monday, 24 April 2017. The 6 new winners will be presented at ECO17 Berlin on Tuesday, 09 May 2017, during our award ceremony in the evening.

Early Stage Startups

  • Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH   Fundraising  Enabling reliable and economic electric power.   
  • Asperitas  Asperitas is a clean-tech company focused on greening datacenters.   
  • Aurelia Turbines   Fundraising  Simply, the most efficient small gas turbines in the world.   
  • CAALA   Fundraising  SaaS for architects to plan more sustainable buildings   
  • Cleverciti   Fundraising  Reduce traffic and co2 - new technologies make it possible!   
  • clevershuttle  Eco-friendly, low-cost & pooled door-to-door-mobility for urban areas   
  • Coolar   Fundraising  Change the way of cooling!   
  • DevicePilot   Fundraising  DevicePilot is the missing piece of your IoT infrastructure.   
  • ecoligo   Fundraising  make investments. make them matter.   
  • floatility   Fundraising  next generation short distance sharing technology   
  • FreshLand   Fundraising  digitizing and shortening the food supply chain   
  • Greater Than   Fundraising  We are here to disrupt the auto insurance world   
  • Green City Solutions   Fundraising  Green City Solutions makes clean urban air profitable!   
  • GreenPocket  GreenPocket - Generating Energy Intelligence from Sensor Data   
  • Hawa Dawa  The future of air quality monitoring.   
  • Hydrogenious Technologies   Fundraising  Why store a gas, if you can store an oil?   
  • InfiniteFingers  Cloudbased Monitoring and Control Solutions for Off-Grid Power Systems   
  • LeydenJar Technologies   Fundraising     
  • Manetos Labs AB   Fundraising  Digital Circuit Breakers - Direct Your Power   
  • Meva Energy  Decentralised power and gas from biomass for industries   
  • MOIXA   Fundraising  Moixa Smart Battery and IoT Aggregation Platform for Storage Services   
  • MotionTag   Fundraising  Seamless traveling   
  • Resourcify  Die Recycling-App für Ihr Unternehmen   
  • solarforschools   Fundraising  Online platform providing solar energy & sustainability education   
  • SteamaCo   Fundraising  SteamaCo makes distributed energy manageable   
  • SUNEW  We were born with a commitment to revolutionize the solar industry.   
  • Tempus Energy   Fundraising  The future's low carbon   
  • ThermoSmart   Fundraising  Pretty.Easy. online thermostat   

    Late Stage Startups

    • Evapolar   Fundraising  Creates your personal microclimate   
    • greenbird Integration Technology  making data fly.   
    • greenergetic GmbH  Greenergetic: enabling the decentralized energy transition   
    • Milk the Sun   Fundraising  The premier digital platform for the operation of solar PV systems   
    • REstore Demand Response  The leading energy technology company monetizing your flexibility.   
    • VISEDO  Hybrid & electric propulsion for marine vessels & commercial vehicles.   

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